Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Last Speech

     Watching Randy Pausch give his "last speech" about the importance of having a drive was very important to me. Recently (last year) I gave up on being a veterinarian and moved on to becoming, or working towards becoming, a cartoon show creator. I found being a veterinarian was too hard for myself. Randy would have called this a brick wall. I did indeed hit a brick wall, and I hit it hard. I went into college with the mind set that about 8 years later I would be a veterinarian or at least a vet tech. but I got half way through my freshman year and realized I'm just not that smart. I know it's not good to set limits like that for yourself, or even say that I'm not smart enough to do something, but I believe that you can tell when you can and cannot follow something through, and being a vet definitely is something that I couldn't have done. Which, brings me to making cartoon shows.
     For practically my whole life I've loved watching cartoon shows. From Loony Toons to Family Guy, they've always caught my attention. I've also loved art since I was a kid. I took art classes all throughout my high school career even though we only needed two years of them. I doodle in practically every notebook I have (yes, even your class). I love to come up with characters and story lines that involve cartoonist realities, so why not go for something that I know I'm good at?
     Watching Randy's video gave me some reassurance that as long as I keep striving for what I really want, and no matter how many brick walls are put up in front of me, made of brick or flesh, that I can really make a career out of what I love to do.
     I've always wanted to be an imagineer at Disney as well. My father went to Disney to become just that years before I was born, about 8 I believe, but he didn't have the strive for it that he thought he did, so he became a security guard for Disney instead. He wanted that all his life, to become an imagineer, but he didn't. I guess he just lacked the passion. I believe that I could have the passion in me that he lacked all those years ago. I want nothing more now than to create my own cartoon show and just make people laugh with the world that I come up with. I know I can't do this on my own, no one can make a cartoon show by themselves, but that's why I'm in college. I'm here to gain the knowledge to try and do it myself, and to meet some people with the same mind set as myself that could help out in the long run.
     I really did enjoy the video, and it sort of opened my eyes to the fact that you just can't stop doing what you're passionate about, no matter what life throws at you. Like Randy said, you gotta let karma help you along the way.

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